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How to choose which hotel to go to

    Choose a hotel based on amenities and facilities

    Choosing where to stay is one of the most important decisions when planning a trip. To be able to plan everything to go on vacation, not to worry and to be able to enjoy your stay knowing the place, the best option is a hotel. Many hotels offer vacation packages that include not only accommodation, but also all meals, transportation to and from the airport or station to the hotel and full room service. Also, if you want to get to know the area, they offer tours, so «everything is done for you», you just have to enjoy.

    In the case of couples, the usual choice is usually hotels, of which of course there are different types: boutique hotels, spa hotels, hotels with swimming pool, family hotels… The popular «all-inclusive» formula, generally in coastal areas, means you no longer have to worry about finding restaurants or bars. However, keep in mind that they are not usually very quiet as they tend to have organized tours with entertainment and shows in the evening, as well as many families with children.

    While families, couples and friends traveling for leisure usually choose hotels based on design, facilities, proximity to tourist sites, level of luxury… people traveling for work look more at the connection to the airport or the spaces available for work. The differences between business travelers and tourists can also be seen when it comes to what they like most about a hotel they have already stayed in. The former group looked first at the bathroom, followed by cleanliness and sleeping comfort, as well as value for money and the hotel brand. Traditional tourists, on the other hand, are satisfied if the cleanliness is very good, the breakfast is varied and they sleep comfortably.

    Choose a hotel according to budget and location

    Location is one of the main selection criteria for travelers when choosing a hotel. This has a major impact on the demand that the hotel will generate and, consequently, will affect the room rates that can be demanded in the market. It is best to choose a hotel that is well connected to public transportation so that you can easily get to all the tourist sites.

    Once you have delimited the area, i.e. where you want the hotel, then you have to choose which one. Here you have plenty of options, for any budget.