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Best resorts in the Seychelles

    The Seychelles are a paradise for anyone who loves nature and luxury. The islands are known for their white sand beaches and crystal-clear water, as well as their beautiful coral reefs. There is no better place to relax than on one of these resorts in the Seychelles. Here are six of our favorite places to stay when visiting this beautiful archipelago.

    Six Senses Zil Pasyon

    Six Senses Zil Pasyon is a stunning private island resort located on the south coast of Praslin Island, one of the Seychelles’ main islands. The resort has been operating since 2011 and has quickly become one of the most popular destinations for honeymooners and couples looking for an idyllic escape from their daily lives.

    The project was conceived by Anthony Wells and Peter Paul Puglisi who wanted to create an intimate environment where guests could explore their natural surroundings without being disturbed by other guests or staff members at any time during their stay. While it’s still early days for this unique concept, we’re excited to see how it develops as more people discover what makes Six Senses so special!

    Four Seasons Resort Seychelles

    The Four Seasons Resort Seychelles is located on the north-west coast of Mahé. It’s a 4 star resort that offers tented accommodation, diving, sailing and catamaran trips. There are also a range of dining options including their award-winning restaurant Le Bistro du Vin where you can enjoy local dishes paired with French wines from all over the world.

    If you’re looking for something more relaxing then check out the spa at this resort which offers a range of treatments including massages by local therapists who speak French or English!

    Banyan Tree Seychelles

    If you’re looking for a resort that offers both luxury and adventure, Banyan Tree Seychelles is the place to go. Located on the island of Mahe in the Indian Ocean, this luxury resort has beautiful grounds and offers every amenity imaginable—including two private beaches.

    The best part? It’s only a 45-minute flight from Mahé International Airport (MLE) or an hour by ferry from Praslin Island. Then you’ll be greeted by your very own butler who will escort you through the property’s three villas before showing off its many amenities: state-of-the art technology throughout each villa (including Wi-Fi), gourmet cuisine cooked daily using fresh ingredients from local farms; personal chefs who prepare meals based on personal preferences; 24 hour room service with anything from caviar appetizers to fresh fruits at any time of day; even snorkeling gear if diving isn’t your thing!

    Raffles Hotel Praslin Seychelles

    Raffles Hotel Praslin Seychelles is a luxury resort located on the island of Praslin. The property has a spa, golf course and private beach with swimming pool, restaurant and bar.

    The resort is situated on a hillside with spectacular views of the Indian Ocean. The rooms and suites feature air conditioning, satellite TV and tea/coffee making facilities.

    Desroches Island

    Desroches Island is a private island resort, located in the Seychelles. It’s the perfect place for honeymooners and couples looking for an unforgettable experience.

    Desroches Island has been awarded five stars by TripAdvisor, making it one of the top destinations in all of Africa and India Ocean. The resort features several restaurants, bars and lounges that are open to guests 24 hours a day so you can enjoy every moment with your loved one without worrying about where dinner will be served or if you’ll be able to get an Uber home at night.

    The golf course at Desroches Island boasts some incredible views over beautiful beaches—perfect for those who love being outdoors but also want some solitude away from crowds!

    Savoy Resort & Spa

    Savoy Resort & Spa is located on the island of Praslin, a popular destination for travelers interested in exploring this area. The resort was designed by architect Jacques Garcia and has become one of the most awarded hotels in Seychelles since it opened its doors in 2011.

    The resort’s spa is one of its most notable features: it’s a member of Relais & Chateaux, an association that promotes high-quality hospitality throughout Europe and beyond. As such, guests are treated to things like personalized service and personalized menus at their restaurants (which also feature reasonably priced wines). Guests can relax at the private beachfront pool while enjoying views of beautiful sunsets over reefs offshore or watch dolphins swim by just meters away!

    These six resorts are the best in the Seychelles. They’re all located on Praslin Island, a small island that’s part of the Seychelles archipelago. The North East region of this group of islands has some of the best beaches and coral reefs in all of Africa.